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"Smooth admissions process from overseas"

Victor Cuesta Aguiar
Home country: Mexico
Graduate School of System Design and Management (Doctoral program)

When I was in high school, I was really fascinated with countries I had very little knowledge of. Around that time, I started becoming very interested in Japanese technology, so I decided to study abroad in Japan. From Mexico, I got in touch with a professor at SDM (Graduate School of System Design and Management) and started preparing my applications. There was an oral examination for the second stage of the screening process, but I was able to do this in English over the internet, so I didn’t have to spend money coming all the way to Japan.
Eventually I would like to launch my own business, so currently I am also studying management with a focus on supply chain management. I belong to the Business Engineering Laboratory, and with numerous other international students and classes and discussions conducted in English, the atmosphere is very international. My time at Keio has been extremely fruitful so far—I am working toward my future goals while at the same time enjoying Japanese culture including the fireworks festivals and various other matsuri in town.

(This interview is from March 2016.)

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