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"The culture and learning environment made it so worthwhile"

Pieter van Wyk
Home country: South Africa
Faculty of Science and Technology

I got interested in Japan through karate, which I took up to build my strength. Keen to study in Japan, I took Japanese language classes and even practiced using chopsticks at home. Of course I love Japanese food. It's amazing that what's good for your health can taste so good too! And the traditional cultural heritage is wonderful. The elaborate carvings I saw at Toshogu Shrine in Nikko seemed to embody the same attention to detail that the Japanese apply to academic study.

My main reason for choosing Keio University was its well-established networks, which include alumni as well as current students. Besides obtaining a quality education, I wanted to diversify my relationships by making friends with people from all sorts of disciplines. Japan rewards the effort you put into your studies and offers great opportunities for achieving your goals. I'm really glad I chose to study in Japan.

(This interview is from January 2010.)

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