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"I found a place where I can grow up mentally and culturally"

Karine Berthoux
Home country: France
Graduate School of Letters (Doctoral Programme)

My name is Berthoux Karine and I am a PhD student from University Lyon 3 in France. I came to Keio University as an exchange student to continue my research and to improve my Japanese as much as I can. That's why I chose Keio University. From Keio's reputation, I knew that it's one of the best universities in Japan to learn and improve my studies. To be honest, I quickly noticed that it's much more than I thought at the beginning. First of all, I have improved my Japanese much more than I hoped, thanks to the JLP classes that I'm able to take. I have also received incommensurable help from my teacher and adviser, Mr. Nakajima Keiichi, who helped me to find information for my research, introduced me to some other teachers who also helped me a lot, such as Mr. Matsumura, and supported me all the time. They are always here for me and give me hope and motivation, and I would really like to say thank you very much!!!

But Keio University for me is more than a place to do my studies, it's also a place where I can make friends and enjoy Japanese traditions through all the planned activities. I have joined three clubs where I'm really included and I have a lot of fun all the time.

Because of all of that, I feel that Keio University is more than a good university. I found a place where I can grow up mentally and culturally. Even if it's only for one year, I feel like I'm a part of the Keio family and it's really a great honor for me. For all of that I really want to say: "Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity and the honor to be at Keio University."

*The above is a transcript of Karine's speech at the 2011 Year-end Reception for International Faculty, Visiting Scholars, Doctoral Students, and Exchange Students (December 9, 2011)

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