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Three Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Keio has integrated its strengths to form the transdisciplinary research and education initiatives of Longevity, Security, and Creativity. The global nature of these initiatives presents us with opportunities to strengthen collaborative ties with the international community through joint research and academic exchange with world-leading universities. Keio’s global initiatives will contribute to a sustainable, secure, and highly creative world where people live better, longer lives.

  • LongevityInitiative to realize a society
    where people live better,
    longer lives

    Health Science
    World-leading research on health and longevity at the Center for Systems Medicine (Center of Innovation Program)
    Regenerative medicine for a healthy longevity society (iPS/ES regenerative medicine)
    Towards a Healthy Longevity Society
    Research on population and family structures, labor conditions of older people, social security and public finance (GCOE)
    Public policy research (WHO, EU, World Bank, and World Economic Forum)
    New Technologies for a Longevity Society
    Technological reform for medical nursing care
    Nano/micro technology and robotics research
  • SecurityInitiative to assure a safer,
    more sustainable society

    Environmental Risks
    Science and technology to improve the air quality in East Asia
    Policy research, economic theory, empirical studies, and international projects at the grassroots level
    Public health research (Community/regional medicine, etc.)
    Economic Risks
    Fiscal and financial research to improve market quality and infrastructure
    Cyber security research and Internet governance
    Geopolitical Risks
    Regional security research, especially within East Asia
    Rule of law research
    Establishment of International LL.M. Program at Keio University Law School
  • CreativityInitiative to bolster
    innovation in education
    and research

    Basic Research
    Next-generation communication technologies (Haptic communications)
    Component measurement technologies (Human Metabolome Technologies Inc.)
    New materials research (Plastic optical fibers)
    Media/Expression Research
    Future of interactive, social and communication media at the Keio-NUS CUTE Center
    Collaboration with the world's top design schools
    with Keio's Global Innovation Design (GID) Program
    Management Research
    Advanced research into management, marketing, human resources, and value-added processes at Keio Business School, Japan's oldest internationally accredited business school

Research Videos

Keio has 10 undergraduate faculties and 14 graduate schools and offers numerous fields of study choose from. Find a faculty, graduate school, or field of study that interests you from the list below.

  • Professor Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law SchoolKGRI Great Thinker Series "How Can and Should the Platforms be Governed?"

  • Professor Jiwang Yan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and TechnologyCreating new products with high added value through multidisciplinary research based on ultra-precision machining

  • Associate Professor Michito Tsuruoka, Faculty of Environment and Information StudiesS-face VOL.035

  • Associate Professor Tomoko Shimizu, Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics, Faculty of Science and TechnologySurface and Interface Science Research

  • Professor Yukio Nozaki, Department of Physics, School of Fundamental Science and TechnologyNovel spintronics-Mechanical generation of emergent magnetic fields in common materials

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