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Address and Contact Information

4-1-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 223-8521
See here for contact information.

Public Transit

  • 1-minute walk from Hiyoshi Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line, Meguro Line, Shin-yokohama Line, or Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line)
    *Tokyu Toyoko Line Limited Express trains do not stop at Hiyoshi Station.

Public Transit

Access from Major Stations

Access from Tokyo Airports

*Please note that the Tokyu Meguro Line ticket gate is approximately 15 minutes on foot from the Musashi-Kosugi Narita Express ticket gate.

Shuttle bus service is also available to most major locations within the Tokyo area. Visit each airport's website for details.

Campus Map

1. Hiyoshi Library (Hiyoshi Media Center) 2. Fourth Building Section A
Classrooms (J411-J447)
3. Fourth Building Section B
Classrooms (J11-39, Seminar 3, Seminar 4)
4. Fourth Building Independence Wing
Classrooms (DB105-DB203, D101-D413), Office of Student Services, Hiyoshi Communication Lounge
5. Sixth Building
Classrooms (J611-642, Seminar 1, Seminar 2), Green's Terrace
6. Third Building
Classrooms (301-336)
7. Jukusei Kaikan (Student Union Building)
Training Room, Club Rooms
8. Cafeteria Building
Student Cafeteria, Club Rooms
9. Raiosha
Symposium Space, Faculty Offices, Meeting Rooms, Faculty Lounge
10. University Co-op
11. Fujiyama Memorial Hall 12. Seventh Building
Classrooms (701-704), Hiyoshi Information Technology Center
13. Second Building
Classrooms (212-244)
14. Gymnasium
Judo and Kendo Hall
15. Sports Building
Institute of Physical Education, Table-tennis room
16. Eighth Building
Classrooms (811, 812, 831)
17. Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall 18. First Building (Senior High School)
19. Hiyoshi Kyoiku Building (Senior High School) 20. Senior High School Gymnasium
21. Senior High School Judo Gymnasium 22. Sports Medicine Research Center
23. Health Center (Hiyoshi Clinic) 24. Collaboration Complex
Library, Fujiwara Hiroshi Hall, Child Care Center, Fitness Club, Cafe, Restaurant, Convenience Store
25. Mamushidani Gymnasium

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