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Keio University's offices abroad play an important role in advancing bilateral and multilateral relationships with other universities and institutions, and function as bases where travelling faculty and staff can access Keio's resources and conduct their activities. The offices also serve to increase the university's visibility overseas, while providing international experience and training opportunities for administrators.

Please feel free to contact Keio’s international offices at geo@info.keio.ac.jp.

London Office

Keio opened its London office in November 2006, in cooperation with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). The office's functions include liaising with Keio's more than seventy existing European partner institutions, providing local support for students and faculty, strengthening relations with alumni, and exploring new opportunities for collaboration in education and research. In addition, a liaison officer is in charge of coordinating the university's recruiting and public relations efforts in Europe.

Keio University London Office
c/o JSPS London Office
14 Stephenson Way London, NW1 2HD UK
Tel: +44 (0)20-7255-4660

Shanghai Office

Keio’s Shanghai office is located within the Center for Japanese Studies, Fudan University. The office is not staffed, serving primarily as a base for Keio's educational and research activities in the region, and for expanding Keio's scope of the cooperative relationship with Fudan University.

Seoul Office

Keio’s Seoul office was established in 2006 at Yonsei University to expand the scope of the existing cooperative partnership between the two universities. Yonsei also has a Tokyo Office at Keio.

Keio Academy of New York

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, the Keio Academy of New York serves as a Keio-affiliated, fully accredited New York State high school as well as an important office for Keio's initiatives abroad. It will also position itself as a focal base for education and research by hosting global symposiums for international education.

3 College Road
Purchase, NY 10577 USA
Tel: +1 (914) 694-4825
Fax: +1 (914) 694-4830

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