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Keio Summer Program

Keio University welcomes students from around the world to participate in its quarter-long Summer Program for academic and cultural learning opportunities.

- A two-month program (June–July) to study and experience life in Japan
- Offers opportunities to take Keio's credit-bearing courses during its second academic quarter
- Suitable for undergraduate students

Learn more about the Keio Summer Program


Thesis@Keio aims to support future researchers in deepening their knowledge of Japan and provides graduate students with opportunities to expand their cultural experience. It will also help build an international, academic network at Keio University.

The Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP)

The Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP) is a two-week intensive program for students who wish to study in Japan. The program offers a variety of courses related to Japanese politics, economy, business, arts, and traditional and modern culture in addition to on-site activities where students can see and experience the things they learned in the classroom only hours before.
*Note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, this program has been held via an online format.

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