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Keio conducts 970 classes in English and offers an increasing number of English-based degree programs. This not only makes the university more accessible to students from abroad, it also fosters an atmosphere of global awareness and sensitivity among Japanese students.

*Number of Degree Programs offered in English: 21 (As of June, 2023)

Undergraduate Degree Programs
Offered in English

Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Policy Management
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Graduate Degree Programs
Offered in English

Graduate School of Economics
Graduate School of Business and Commerce
Graduate School of Medicine
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Graduate School of Media and Governance
Graduate School of Health Management
Graduate School of System Design and Management
Graduate School of Media Design
Keio University Law School

Other Courses Offered in English
at Keio University

  • The Global Interdisciplinary Courses, conducted entirely in English and other foreign languages, were launched in April 2016 to provide students with an international outlook and a firm grounding in subjects across the disciplines. The program has courses on offer, which are comprised of Core Courses (fundamental subjects) and Research Courses (specialized subjects). The GIC are open to all undergraduate students, who are awarded a certificate of completion after obtaining more than 40 credits in total from the Core and Research Courses.

  • The Professional Career Program (PCP) offers an opportunity for third- and fourth-year students, principally in the Faculty of Economics, to receive a practical economics education in English. It offers small-group classes with an emphasis on practical, career-oriented education as well as specialist courses offered in law, economics, finance, public policy, international economics, and environmental economics.

  • The GPP (Global Passport Program), established by the Faculty of Business and Commerce and the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, is an educational program held in English whose aim is to enable students to discover problems companies or organizations might face in a global society, and to cultivate the ability to solve these problems.

  • Classes taught in English to provide students with opportunities to learn international relations as well as the society and culture of Japan and other countries.

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