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In Japan, the academic year usually starts in April and ends in March the following year, so most students at Keio University are admitted in April and graduate in March. However, it may vary depending on the faculty/graduate school, and some students matriculate and graduate in September.

Academic Terms / Major Break

Spring Semester: Early April-Late September
Fall Semester: Late September-Late March

(In principle, there are 15 weeks of classes in each semester.)

Summer Break: Late July-Late September
Winter Break: Late December-Early January
Spring Break: Early February-Late March

Annual Schedule

April Spring Semester begins
Keio Foundation Day

April Matriculation

Entrance Ceremony
Spring Orientation
May Spring Keio-Waseda Baseball Games
July SFC Tanabata Festival
Spring Semester final examinations
August Open Campus
September Fall Semester begins Fall Commencement

September Matriculation

Fall Entrance Ceremony
Fall Orientation
October Fall Keio-Waseda Baseball Games
Yagami Festival
SFC Fall Festival
Shiba-Kyoyaku Festival
November Mita Festival
Yotsuya Festival
January Anniversary of Yukichi Fukuzawa’s Birthday (university holiday)
Fall Semester final examinations
March Spring Commencement

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