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Pursuing Our Ideals

Keio University has a clear mission set forth by its founder, Yukichi Fukuzawa. In the university’s founding principles, Fukuzawa calls on those in the Keio community "to go on to become leaders of society."

Founded in 1858, Keio University is Japan’s first modern institution of higher learning and continues to be one of the most influential academic establishments in Japan.

Keio University is a place where students, faculty, and alumni work in partnership to achieve this mission. It is a place where people with a sense of independence and self-respect come together. We think for ourselves and respect the dignity of others. We listen carefully to the views of other people and respect their positions and ways of life.

Keio University, for our students, is a place where they will forge lifelong friendships, and begin a "virtuous cycle" that continues for a lifetime. Keio will equip them with the skills to become active contributors who make a positive difference in the world. Keio students will be exposed to the essence of humanities and sciences through their academic studies, and strengthen their resilience through their involvement in sports, culture, arts, and social activities. They will expand their horizons by taking advantage of the wide variety of international programs Keio offers.

Keio faculty members are all first-class scholars. Always at the forefront of learning, our faculty will cultivate knowledge with our students and researchers in Keio’s three key areas of interest: education, research, and medical care. Our faculty and staff members understand the importance of Keio’s history and its critical role in shaping the future leaders of our evolving world. Imagining what the future will be like in the coming decades, they will work together to create and enhance the learning environment for our students who we believe will be active players in shaping the next era. Along with our commitment to academic and cultural advancements, we will contribute to the whole of society working closely with experts across many fronts to address the global issues of the day such as human rights, food supply, the environment, and security.

Keio alumni continue to demonstrate their leadership from various positions in society. Our unparalleled alumni network is extremely strong and extends throughout the world. Ranging from major corporations to non-profits as well as new start-ups and other innovative business ventures, our alumni continue to play active roles to improve the world today and for future generations. Keio students are blessed with many opportunities and encounters they gain through this Keio alumni network, not only during their enrollment at the university, but also beyond graduation and throughout their lives.

It is a great honor for me to serve as the president of Keio University. I welcome you to join us in the forefront of learning and contributing to the betterment of our society.

Kohei Itoh

Professor Kohei Itoh


*Please refer to the link below to watch some of the past speeches by the President

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